Letter from the CEO

mpd partners is founded on the philosophy that in order for this firm to thrive, we must build long standing trust based relationships that allow us to produce results.  My survival of over 18 years in the legal industry is due to truly understand how the business and the recruiting world works. The essential key in the recruiting equation is to develop and maintain long standing relationships. For us to build these relationships, it is imperative for us to take the time to know and understand your firms and companies. Once we know the ins and outs of the law firms and companies which we work with, we are able to form an adaptable partnership, which adds value your prospective hires.

We understand today’s business and hiring challenges, and share the common goals of our clients in attracting, retaining and improving the most important aspect of any organization – its people. mpd partners strives to be different from other businesses in that we value our relationships so much that we see them as the bedrock of our company. To that end, mpd partners believes that in order for us to do an outstanding job, to produce results, we must build strong friendships based on trust, with all of our clients.


Elizabeth Dahill

CEO of mpd Partners, LLC


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