David vs. Goliath: Why Executive Search Firms Win

The Leadership Digest posted a great article about the values of working with a boutique executive search firm.

There are typically two ways to go when hiring an executive search firm: large or boutique. Speaking from experience on both sides, I strongly believe that most client companies get better results by partnering with the right boutique executive search firm, rather than by hiring the mega-firms. It may sound prestigious to use a big name firm, but choosing a recruiter is all about quality, from start to finish. And in our experience, bigger is not always better.

With boutique firms:

The client company is not forced down or handed off to a junior associate that then handles the recruiting assignment. We do it ourselves from sourcing the candidates, screening, evaluating, presenting and shepherding both the candidate and client through an offer.

The client deals directly with the person who knows the candidate.

Boutiques have the flexibility to structure their fees based on agreed-upon milestones, instead of the calendar (when the search is launched, when candidates are approved, when interviews begin, and when the final candidate accepts). Many do not charge any automatic administration fees and never add a surcharge for travel, lodging, or other fees.

Boutiques typically work on fewer projects, devoting a great amount of time and attention to each one. They are also always done by partners of the firm.

Boutiques have a business model that enables them to form a genuine partnership with their clients, and develop an in-depth knowledge of the company. This provides for a better opportunity to understand the needs of their clients and assessing candidates that will be the “right fit”.

The bottom line is, we are service providers. It is important to critically evaluate the quality of service you, as a business, will receive, by determining the recruiting firm’s commitment to provide what you and your company want and need.

Source: http://blog.epsenfuller.com/david-vs-goliath-why-boutique-executive-search-firms-win/

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